Lou Bachrodt Volkswagen joined the highest rank of Volkswagen dealers by winning the coveted 2017 Customer First Club Award. Lou Bachrodt VW is one of only 50 Volkswagen dealers (out of 652 in the United States) who have been recognized for achieving this level of customer service.
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Trading In Vehicles


Let’s face it, when you purchase a new vehicle, you aren’t going to keep it for the full term of your loan, especially if its for 60-72 months. That’s when trading your vehicle comes into play. There are so many factors in why trading your vehicle is beneficial. First, your credit was probably low when you first purchased a car so you couldn’t get your dream car. Another reason you are…

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Extended Warranties


When purchasing a new or pre-owned vehicle always make sure your car comes with an extended warranty or one that is available for purchase. This particular warranty differs from your power train warranty. This warranty covers almost anything that doesn’t have to do with the engine. When researching warranties, pay attention to the specifics as far as coverage. People think of extended warranties as an extra bill to pay however, later on down the…

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Lou Bachrodt has been in business for an impressive 64 years. This generational family owned business houses popular makes such as Chevy, Buick, GMC, BMW and Volkswagen. Here in Rockford, we are dedicated to providing our customers with incredible service and a wonderful experience. What’s the trick to our longevity, our great staff and our unique customers. We have customers from all over coming to buy vehicles because of our wide selection. Come to…

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Blood Drive


Our annual blood drive is quickly approaching. On Saturday February 10th Lou Bachrodt will be hosting the event from 8am-1:30pm. Over the years, thousands have come out to donate blood to those who have suffered blood loss, or need transfusions of some sort. Come out and help support such a great cause. We encourage everyone in Rockford and neighboring communities to come out and help out, it is greatly appreciated. Thank you those…

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Test Driving


We all want the perfect vehicle, so that means in order to help us achieve that dream car, we have to test drive it. I know what you’re thinking, why test drive a vehicle, they all ride that same. That’s the biggest misconception out there. A rider’s dream car is all about preference. There are many factors that come into play when choosing a vehicle, the color, the size, the build and…

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Routine Maintenance


Winter time is here guys and let’s face it, we want to make sure we are taking care of our vehicles during the duration of the time that we own the vehicle. That is why regular scheduled maintenance is highly recommended. Winter has harsh weather conditions and is harsh on a vehicle’s exterior and even sometimes the interior of the engine, if not properly maintained. It is important for you to get regular oil changes, fluids checked and tire rotations. These few things will ensure the efficiency and longevity of your vehicle! Come to Lou Bachrodt to get…

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