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Pat Bachrodt

Mr. Bachrodt serves as the Owner of Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall. Carrying a legacy from his father Lou, Pat has continued the family's success in the automotive industry. While Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall has been around for over an impressive, 60 years, Pat has been in the industry for over 65 years. Mr. Bachrodt enjoys golf and watching football. He is a Bears and Notre Dame fan. Pat has three children and two of them are also a part of the family business. Pat says he enjoys the business because he likes helping customers.

Rachel Bachrodt

Rachel started working at the dealership when she was 16 years old and has almost held every position in the business, so she is very knowledgeable. When she is away from work her favorite thing to do is travel. She has been to over 30 states and 25 countries. Some of her favorite activities would include hiking, reading, and going to musicals. Her favorite type of cuisine is Mediterranean. When she was asked about the company Rachel said "I love that every day I get to work with such a great group of people who truly care about one another, and care about taking care of our community.  The best part about the business is that every day is a different adventure. We continue to learn, and change, and meet the challenges of an ever-changing marketplace."

Roland DeLaRosa
General Manager

Roland DeLaRosa is our General Manager here at Lou Bachrodt. He has been in the business for an impressive 30 years and counting. When Roland isn't at work he enjoys running and cooking. He is the "master of all cuisines". He has 4 sons and 1 grandchild. Roland loves the family atmosphere/culture of Lou Bachrodt and he loves being a part of a business where you are a key component to helping customers land the vehicle of their dreams. 

Patrick Bachrodt
General Sales Manager

Patrick has been with Lou Bachrodt for 20 years. Outside of work, he enjoys boating, running and watching movies. His favorite food is anything Italian, and he has 2 children. Patrick says "I enjoy the thrill of the sale. It never gets old helping customers get into a car of their dreams."

Rob Nelson
Used Car Manager

Ann McDaniel
Executive Assistant

Ann has been lending her incredible work for 26 years of dedication to the business. During Ann's free time, she enjoys reading and playing with her grandkids. She is very happy that she gets the chance to work with a family, like the Bachrodt's.  She also loves the variety of duties her position requires, so It never gets boring.

Colleen Swanson
Administrative Assistant

Colleen has been with the company for about 13 years. In her free time, not at Lou Bachrodt, she enjoys painting, gardening and shopping for antiques. Colleen enjoys the relationships with her co-workers and management staff. She also loves the fact that Lou Bachrodt offers a good work environment and the people are so giving. 

Mark Yalda
Service Director

Michael Carrick
Parts Manager

Michael has been with the business for 11 years but has 41 years of experience. When he's not at work, Michael loves riding his motorcycle. Michael loves the fact that the dealership staff is great and that they offer a family environment.

Joseph Luy
Commercial Manager

Joseph has been with Lou Bachrodt for 17 years. He has 4 children and 10 grandchildren. Outside of work likes to go and check out the history of wherever he travels. His favorite foods include steak, chicken and he loves pizza. Joseph says he enjoys meeting new faces and building long lasting relationships with his customers.

Tyler Samples
BDC Manager



Shain Bono
Floor Manager

Sam Ferrille
Sales Consultant

Sam has been with the company for 8 years and serves as one of the Sales Consultant. He is a car fanatic and his favorite car is a 1966 Impala super sport. Sam loves this business because he likes a challenge, and with having six kids, you know there isn't any challenge he can't conquer.

Lionel Vil
Sales Consultant

Lionel Vil is a certified BMW and Volkswagen salesmen. He is a former R+D and global business development professional. When he isn't at work he enjoys running, meditation and Thai cuisine. 

Gary Jackson
Sales Consultant

Gary is a great consultant here to help you land the perfect vehicle. He has been in the business for 30 years, so he definitely has a lot of the answers to your questions. While he isn't working, he enjoys buying and selling at the flea market. Gary has two children, and his favorite food is steak. One of the reasons Gary has been in the business for so long is that he likes the fact that he is able to help people.  

Al Luna
Sales & Leasing Professional

Al has been a part of the Lou Bachrodt business for 6 years.  Al's hobbies include swimming and an interesting fact is that he used to coach soccer.  Al truly values helping people. He prides himself in his quote "Sales is not about closing the deal, it's about the service I provide".

Hablo espanol.

Prosper Rubino
Sales Consultant

Prosper has been with the company for 6 years and has been in the automotive industry for 35 years. When he isn't at work he likes to antique and swim. Aside from that, his favorite type of cuisine is pizza. Prosper enjoys that he is able to help people purchase new vehicles.

Shari Dwyer
Sales Consultant

Adam Dokken
Sales Consultant

Michael Hall
Sales Consultant

Fil Sotomayor
Sales Consultant

Jennifer Morelock
Sales Consultant



Taylor Keen

Mike Williams
GM Technician

Jacob Wahmhoff

Mark Powell
GM Technician

Chelsea Hundley
Service Advisor

Eric Wyner
Volkswagen Technician

Nick Steder
BMW Service Advisor

Aaron Furgat
GM Technician

Stephen Johnson
GM Technician

Brett Armstrong
GM Technician

Matt Fegre
GM Technician

Brandon Needham
BMW Technician

Brandon is one of our BMW Technicians. Although he is new to the team, he has had a great amount of experience when It comes to working our cars, especially when it comes to BMWs. He says the "luxury lines and performance aspect of cars" is what got him interested in the automotive industry. When he isn't at work he enjoys hockey and hanging with his friends. His favorite food is Thai and Chinese. When asked if he was a superhero, who would he be, Brandon says "Deadpool because he has it made". Brandon feels that the best part about working at Lou Bachrodt is the people that he works with also he is able to fix problems with vehicles that the general public may not know how. 

Sterling Horton

Sterling has been with the company for 7 years but has been detailing for 18 years. Sterling enjoys the employees and the friendly atmosphere the company offers. 

David Buzzard

David has been in the business for 31 years. When he isn't at work he enjoys watching nascar and gardening. David says the most enjoyable part of his job is that he gets to help people. 

Jose Avila

Jose has been with business for 7 years but has been in the automotive industry for 10 years. Jose likes that he is able to clean different types of cars. 

Ismael Juarez
New and Used Car Lot Attendant

Ismael has been with the company for 17 years. His favorite type of cuisine is Mexican . When he is away from work, Ismael enjoys football and spending time with his family. Ismael loves that fact that his job allows him the opportunity to work with great people. 

Ricardo Romero

Ricardo Romero has been a Technician with Lou Bachrodt for 3 years. He loves to go fishing and his favorite food is pozole.

Randy Webb

Randy has been with the company for 2 years. Outside from work, he enjoys basketball and loves pizza. Randy says the best part about his job is working on cars. 

Michael Roman
Volkswagen Technician

Michael Roman is a Volkswagen Technician. He has been at Lou Bachrodt for 10 years but in the automotive industry for 14 years. When he isn't at work, he enjoys camping and riding his motorcycle. His favorite food is pizza and he has two kids.

Dillon Montalto
Volkswagen Technician

Dillon has been at Lou Bachrodt for over a year, but has been in the automotive business for four years. When he isn't at work he enjoys softball and fishing. His favorite food is Italian. Dillon says the most enjoyable part about the company is the people he works with and the need for knowledgeable technicians in the industry. 

Rachel Reitsch
Service Representative

Rachel has been with the company for 3 years. Rachel truly enjoys being around her co-workers, helping people and the nice environment that she works in. Aside from work, she enjoys shopping, traveling and playing video games. Rachel also loves ice-cream and lobster, not together though.

Sabrina Melecio
Service BDC

Hablo espanol.

Brian Timm
Service Advisor

Brian has been with the company for 12 years and has been in the business for 44 years. Brian enjoys fishing and spending time with his grandchildren in his free time. He loves the relationships between his co- workers and  customers.

Courtney Karau
Service Advisor

Courtney has been in the business for 9 years. Outside of work Courtney likes working out, gardening and spending time with her children. Her favorite food would be burgers. Courtney likes meeting people and being able to fix their vehicles issues.

Ronald Harris
Shop Foreman/ Manager

Ronald has been a part of the company for 17 years and has been in the industry for 23 years. Ronald says in his free time he likes to fish, ride his motorcycle and travel. Ronald has 3 kids, 2 dogs and loves everything about his job.



Patti Galligan
Finance Manager


Office Staff

Stephen Bonne
Accounting Clerk

Steve has been with the company for two years.  His hobbies include farming and raising his dogs. Steve isn't your ordinary pet owner. He owns 7 dogs, 40 rabbits, a horse and a cat, so he definitely has a grasp on multi-tasking. Steve loves the relationship that he has with his co-workers and he loves the variety that the job has to offer. 

Gina Perkins
Title Clerk

Gina has been with the business for 21 years. Outside of work she likes to play volleyball. Her favorite food is pizza. She has 2 kids and enjoys spending time with them. Gina says the part she enjoys most about the business is the relationships she builds with co workers.

Pat Morrison
Compliance Officer

Pat has been with the company for 25 years but has been in the industry for 38 years. When he isn't at work he enjoys mountain biking and traveling. Pat loves spending time with his family; he has 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. Overall he loves that his job is challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Barry Rice
Payroll Specialist

Barry has been with the business for 16 years and says he enjoys the company because of the customer contact and dealing with different people. His favorite type of cuisine is Italian. When he isn't at work, Barry says that he enjoys working in his yard.

Chrissy Tempin
Assistant Office Manager

 Chrissy has been with the business for about 16 years. Aside from work, she enjoys spending time with her children and loves pizza. Chrissy says she loves the variety that her job offers her.  

Lisa Cox

Lisa has been with the business for 16 years now. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys traveling and cooking. Her favorite snack is brownies. Lisa says the people she works with is what she enjoys most about her job. 

Ashley VanUs
Accounts Payable

Ashley Van Us works in Accounts Payable/Receivable. She has been in the automotive business for a year now and is eager to assist those in need. When she is away from work she enjoys, NETFLIX and playing video games. She loves Mexican food , has 1 kid and 1 cat. Ashley says the best thing about working at Lou Bachrodt is working with her co- workers. 



Earl Watkins

Ed Barnes

Brian staniec

Joy Finkboner
Parts Advisor

Joy has been with the company for 10.5 years and 26 years in the business. Outside of work, Joy enjoys traveling, reading and spending time with family and friends. Joy loves how every day is different and she enjoys her co-workers.