Real quick let's think about this. You want a Pre-owned vehicle, but you want to make sure it is the right make and model for you right? Well, you also want to make sure that your Pre-owned vehicle is Q- certified! What's Q-CERTIFIED?


All of our vehicles are Q- CERTIFIED which ensures that the vehicle has went through our process of checking for safety beyond what the eye can see. This involves, but not limited to, the complete reconditioning of the vehicle, safety inspection, history analysis, limited warranty and so much more. Lou Bachrodt taking the extra steps in putting safety first, will also give you peace of mind, as the customer. Come to Lou Bachrodt today and check out our wonderful inventory. Here at Lou Bachrodt we house makes such as Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Volkswagen, BMW and different Pre-owned makes and models. At Lou Bachrodt, finding the right car is a task we can definitely handle. 

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